Pipe Fabrication and Installation

Concept to Completion

WCPF can bring any piping job from concept through to completion of installation. We are agile and can streamline procurement from multiple suppliers to deliver a complete product.

TSBC Class A contractor. 31.3 Process Piping. Repair and Alteration of Pressure Piping and Boilers.

Welding, screwed, grooved, glued, fused. Black/Carbon, Stainless, Lined, Exotic Alloy.

Potable water materials if required.

Cutting Edge Welding

We’re pleased to announce the registration of a cutting edge welding technique with Technical Safety BC in 2019. The new computerized welding allows a much quicker root pass and capping, often without requiring a pressurized purge. The result is high quality in half the time!

Services Depending on Application

  • Field run with only a hand sketch and plant specifications
  • In-house design of piping system for low hazard but complex
  • Preferential access with various firms for stress and seismic analysis, spooling and supports, large or pressure appliations.

Pipe Fabrication/Spooling

  • Large fabrication shop with long spool handling capabilities
  • Tooled up for small and large piping jobs
  • Procurement from a long list of competitive vendors
  • Weld procedures and certifications for pressure and process piping
  • QC system and personnel
  • 3rd party NDE and hydrostatic testing at our shop

Field Teams

  • Experienced pipe fitters
  • Experienced PWP welders
  • Approved pipe welding procedures
  • Pipe supports, guides, shoes and re-pads
  • Piping repair only
  • Emergency and hot tapping
  • Crews of 48 pipefitters for blinding/blanking









Compressed air