West Coast Pre Fab has successfully completed dozens of projects in the industrial field and in 2015 began to apply the knowledge to aligned municipal tasks.

Full Service Contractor

  • Any combination of services required depending on the scale
  • Project general contractor with multiple sub trades
  • Specialist sub contractor for precision mechanical or piping
  • Turn-key design, build, install for small retrofit projects
  • 24/7 trade support on Southern Vancouver Island

Potable Water

  • Well pump replacement
  • Well pump rebuilds
  • Inlet screening
  • Booster station construction
  • Pump system troubleshooting
  • Reverse engineering obsolete parts
  • Piping
  • UV unit installation
  • Chlorine piping

Waste Water

  • Screening
  • Tank construction
  • Tank repair
  • Rake arm construction and installation
  • Rake arm repair
  • Mechanical service of drives and gearboxes
  • Valve installation and maintenance
  • Slide gate installation and maintenance
  • Metering system installation
  • Piping
  • New pump installation – all types, centrifugal, diaphragm, vertical, inline
  • Pump preventative maintenance and repair
  • Blower maintenance

Safe Access and Handling

  • Handrail fabrication and installation
  • Stairs, fixed and movable, fabrication and installation
  • Lifting beams and monorails, design, fab, install, commission
  • Loading ramps and hydraulics
  • Bollards and gates

Other Works

  • Custom buildings
  • Steel fabrication and repair
  • Aluminum cover plates
  • Benches, tree protectors, decorative elements
  • Sluice gates
  • Ramps